October 30, 2005

Streets of my city.

After my post about avoiding terrorism studies and thinking about this tactical vest I am getting, I looked around the city at things people wear. I got our income verification into to our non-profit landlord on Friday to re-apply for our rent subsidy for another year. Their office is downtown near our main street concert hall. My brother's band used to play here on the quiet Monday nigths. Anyways this area of town is where many street people and other poor hang out but one can walk in ten minutes to the national seat of government at one end of this street where the political elite and tourists hang out. To get there and back I need to either bus or walk this street. Also the psuedo pawn shop/vintage musical instrument store is near there, the mission church where a fellow P eats and goes these days, and numerous other stores like computer supply and health food stores are all around here.

So with my tactical vest in mind I looked at all the people on this street on Friday. I noticed people dressed in costume like clothes and noticed business attire and other styles of clothing. I figured wearing a tactical vest would not be so freakish after all. May be I am just in denial about spending. It was a pleasure to observe people on the streets and of course be helpful and watchful for the older residences and other weaker pedestrians.

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