October 30, 2005

Rationalising this week's studies.

Although my pre-grad school math studies are going well and I also worry about doing enough of these, I am going to back off on these studies for the week. I will only really study SAS today and perhaps on Monday as I have a SAS workshop on Monday morning at school. SAS is one of the statistical softwares we use at our math and stats school.

For legal studies I will focus on my mid-term this week but this mid-term is fairly open. I have done enough studies up till now so only have maybe one required reading or two to still read. As far as suggested readings I have been doing these regularly so am ok with these but these are where I will study more from this week. I need to read a bit more about war crimes, the Winnipeg general strike, and may be continue reading some of the more general books about our times in a legal-political sense.

I will also leave some study time for reading medicine, self help, computers and other fun stuff like Internet research and doing blogs. Mostly this week I have half day assignments and I have all of Thursday off and Thursday is another pay day this week. I will not have had my Friday night friends over for about three weeks after this week.

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