December 28, 2005

Working a little today for a couple of hours.

I have managed to help deliver the newspapers for the last three days. It is important to help the older neighbour do this, this week, as this is his last week at this job. He will also pay me a little extra and we need a little extra right now. I will help him tomorrow and then again Saturday, and then perhaps never do this job again. I will have to now pay for my own newspaper. The fringe benefit of this helping my neighbour was a free newspaper everyday. This job also helped me work in the evening or early morning hours, so it turned a bad part of schizophrenia into an asset in the working world. That is schizophrenia makes me stay up late but this worked in this job and in my other job I have for five years where I was often assigned night shift work. The newspaper job got me back into working and calling someone a boss.

I also got a call from my other job but could not take the work. At least they are still calling me. I was worried they might have let me go. I just lack seniority with this job so don't get much work.

At my teaching work, the application is open for winter term. I am taking my time before I fill out the application. I am still not decided on my own winter term study schedule. I also want to research the courses I am able to teach a bit more before I offer to teach them. I have until the 4th to apply. I will fill it out tomorrow or Friday.

In my volunteer work I have succesfully completed a more senior task this past weekend. I will do some more volunteering for the next two weekends and then not volunteer for a few weeks with this one volunteer gig.

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