December 28, 2005

It was a busy day but also getting ready for my studies in winter term.

Today was good too because my dad actually emailed me about my school plans and is discussing this with me openly. I also did a fair amount of computer tasks over night and listened to some Business Week stories on my iPod while doing the paper route. I also lost my cell phone yesterday and had it returned by an honest person today. I gave her a reward of a CD of local musicians. I also got some cat food and returned some company property to work.

I also read a fair amount of Monday's front section of the newspaper. There was a cute story about voting on Christmas day. We too voted on Christmas day for the novelty of it. I won't say who we voted for but if you know us well you know how we vote. I will say that my wife and I agree on many things in politics but we vote for slightly different parties every time we vote. We always vote together though and we both walked to the near by election office to vote on Christmas day in the very advance polls. The election is not until the 23rd of January.

I did almost no studies today. I did write emails to professors. I also have been searching for possible open courses. I am not sure my chances are that good in statistics for graduate school. So I will probably study more legal studies this winter. I need to take at least one course so I can work as a TA. Many people will not see the logic of this given I have already graduated. There is also a secondary reason to study undergraduate fourth year courses after graduation. I can use these fourth year courses to prepare for graduate school. I am trying at the moment to arrange to study a directed study course with one of our more famous police scholars. I will learn more about radical criminology if we can study together this winter. This could be pretty exciting study and something to look forward to starting next week.

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