December 28, 2005

Self help group news.

In my self help group presidency I emailed the staff and other board members saying I needed to steer clear of any conflicts of interest so will not be applying to the new jobs we are creating in our peer to peer recovery program. I can now talk more about this progam here, because more of it is public information now. We have been granted some funds to partner with the local psychiatric hospital to let consumer/survivors, such as our members, coach consumer/survivors who are in hospital. They will coach them specifically on wellness plans to aid in their recovery. I have done some reading and studying of the psychology and psychiatry research done by the hospital staff. This research they have done is being used to construct this program. The wellness plans I believe may be copyrighted and I will post more of the research sources later this winter. It is a good thing for us as a self help group and our first major funding out side of the government.

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