February 14, 2006

I made it I posted before midnight. I also made it in school.

Wow again a great day in the mathematics and statistics school. I did get all my marking done. I will have some more marking to do starting at the end of this week. I also got to borrow a CD with Virtual PC for the Mac yesterday and installed the Virtual PC on my eMac and am installing Debian on it now. So I am getting a chance to run Sarge/ Debian 3.1 r 1 after all. And I get to run it on the Mac. I borrowed this legal software from our school's computer administrator.

I remember when universities had whole offices for computer adminstration now we have a whole department and each faculty, school and department have their own administrators so maybe nothing has really changed in terms of number of people employed. Myth or truth computers will replace human workers?

I also found out my mark for my first winter term home work aand it was perfect 100%. I have my second homework assignment to do over night tonight. I might report the progress here. I will sleep at 16:00 tomorrow having woken up at 8 AM this morning.

Posted by petert at February 14, 2006 11:56 PM


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