February 15, 2006

Valentines day wasn't perfect but we did acknowledge it together.

The first thing I did yesterday was go downtown and pay off a layway for an M-Audio Pro USB computer interface for recording music or getting electronic instruments and microphones into a computer. I tested it in Apple's Garage Band software and it works. But at the store the payment system charged me twice. I callled my bank and they fixed it in a matter of hours but valentines day was looking grime with no money left from yesterday's pay day. I was so mad actually and it reminded me of my old psychotic anger as this store was there in my psychotic past. I guess that store can not be expected to support the psychotic. Anyway I was worried about my present mental health but by being aware of what was going on inside me which my wife noticed too I was able to cool down and get home and relax a bit. I had a fair amount of school work over my head. Luckly the student I had to tutor last night did not show up so my wife and I ordered food. I also got a fair amount of my TA work done and lead a class discussion about survey's. I am just going to wake my wife gently and give her her meds now. Then I will get working on my home work, doing my Debian install, and updating my other blogs.

Posted by petert at February 15, 2006 12:06 AM


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