February 15, 2006

Again there seems to be some internal balancing going on.

I seem to spending time these days either installing linux or doing statistics homework. These seem to get mixed together and eat up a lot of time. When one recedes the other comes to the fore. But these are workaholic related and this figures in over spending too because over spending forces me to work too much. In some ways the school work is more noble, because it is not for cash on the spot it is investing in a future or at least skills I can use now. Also volunteering is work like but also more noble and brings much needed positive feedback.

I am going to enforce a break this Friday. This Friday I will make music with my new music recording and mixing equipment. I will also do this on Saturday and Sunday too. This will not affect my main job nor will it affect my TA work. I will have to let me school work wait this weekend. I have only one volunteer union meeting to attend this weekend. But that might actually be fun. I don't think I will be able to stick to this plan but I will try to focus for three days on music making. After all I am again wired and tired working on school work and still have a few hours to go before I can sleep. Then tomorrow I have volunteer committments and a little evening work.

Posted by petert at February 15, 2006 09:53 AM


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