February 16, 2006

Again pressures this week have me worried.

Yesterday I was basically working against the clock to get some statistics school work done. This has me worried as I get quite angry and I don't like being this way. I attended the lecture on time but found out in the lecture that I had my code all wrong. I knew this. The professor showed the whole class the proper code. Right after class I put 10 dollars on my student card so I could print at school. I then went to the computer room for students with disAbilties in the library to try to rewrite the code for that statistical model. These computers did not have the right software and althought the laptops on loan at the library had the software it was not configured correctly and would not work on these laptops. So I rushed off to the mathematics annd statistics school labs and did the code. I got it done and emailed to the professor. Between the class and the deadline for the home work I had an hour and a half to work. But doing the code and getting the print out was only one step. So I brought this to the professor and asked for an extension to complete the write up which she granted me and I have until noon today to do the write up. But after this is done my own studies are caught up for a week or so and we don't have any more homework due until later in March.

So this morning I need to read my SAS printout and write up the results and then go to school. I will then attend a mental health network meeting with mental health workers. I will be one of the consumer representatives at this meeting. I then will do a little shopping picking up some music equipment for this weekend's work/play on music. I will then come home for dinner and then back to school in the evening for some tutoring and to give a tutorial. I am also volunteering today in another role which may or may not take much time. Then tomorrow I take three days off to catch up on union volunteeing, web mastering and of course music making.

I start a new job next week working on the stock market but this won't pay any wages. I will be wearing a corduroy jacket under my parka today. In other words I am learning to dress like a professional. I may also buy a new suit for the stock market work. Right now I am dressing more practically for the weather. I typically wear heavy boots for the snow and a parka with many pockets for hat and gloves, iPod, smokes, and these days first aid stuff for emergencies. I typically carry a napsack too for books. I don't use a brief case but have laptop bags which I rarely use. In fact, I am quite into various cases and packs.

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