February 19, 2006

I did not make much music this weekend but things are set up to do this.

I did not make it to the union meeting. I also did not record any songs this weekend. So my plans were unrealistic. I was able to test the recording equipment. I did set up the rack for the music equipment and have it positioned well in the living room. I can basically reach everything well. I need a couple more effects processsors like a reverb and maybe a patch bay and for sure some patch bay cables. I will need to do some more of this music making later. But I have started and I am reading more about music engineering. I also need to read my compressor manual and the USB interface manual which I can do this afternoon. I still have not done really any work or studying this weekend besides a little marking and some school work blogs updating.

Posted by petert at February 19, 2006 04:11 PM


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