February 20, 2006

Quiting smoking with nicorette gum.

I started at 6 PM last night. I chewed 11 pieces of gum by 3 AM and had only smoked 6 cigarettes where as I would usually have smoked about 30 cigarettes. Today I did not quite get back on the wagon again. I smoked 20 cigarettes by 9:15 PM. I woke up at noon. I have chewed 5 pieces of gum so far today. I have smoked 1 cigarette since 9:15 PM. So I am at 21 cigarettes for the day.

I am keeping little voice memos on my iPod of my progress. I am varying between drinking water and diet pepsi. I am also drinking some coffee. It may be a 31 hour day today. I may stay up to 7 PM Tuesday as I have work and volunteer duties on Tuesday but also some hours off. I will fill some of these over night hours marking statistics home work and some in the afternoon resting but not sleeping.

Posted by petert at February 20, 2006 11:09 PM


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