March 14, 2006

L came by and I did some organizing and listening to music

I was doing some responses to local union issues and getting ready to participate in a march this week to protest the invasion of Iraq. There are studies suggesting that political involvment like marchs and rallies are good for your mental health. I will meet some union friends at the march and we will carry an Industrial Workers of the World banner which we made ourselves a few years back. The Industrial Workers of the World were at one time the largest union in the USA and perhaps Canada too. But they were always radical and were murdered by the government for opposition to the first world war. Exciting times we live in eh?

L came over briefly this afternoon and watched a little TV with my wife. L now has a cat and is not coming over for as long for visits because she doesn't like to leave her cat alone too long. I haven't heard from R lately but I know he is mourning because his father has passed away. He and C have both lost their fathers recently and they are gettting a chance to support each other based on this common experience.

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