April 08, 2006

About spotting symptoms and bi-polar depression.

One of the best group therapies I have attended that was run by professionals was called symptoms management. This is where I learned the basics of schizophrenia and also the basics of side effects and how and why to use medication. So I have learned to identify at least for myself the crazy thinking. This is good to know when this is happening. So when I said I was depressed this is actually good that I spotted it. And I have been on the look out for depression for 16 years. So far things are not bad. In fact although work and school schedules are stressful and my moods can get dark I am not as dperessed as I was 14 years ago or 16 years ago when I was an inpatient. Still teenage breakups and hospital stays are the most depressing events to happen to my moods. These days I earn enough money to stay happy compared to 14 years ago. Also my partner is a great support. I can rarely get sad when I am helping her and she is supportive too. I also find numerous others in our community supporting me with my up moods. Doing good work brings good feedback and this keeps me from getting depressed.

But I am aware of this change in my mental state. In fact the past three days I have kept my awake hours more reasonable. Even this morning as I go towards a night shift on Sunday at one job I am trying not to plan and excessive awake or sleep schedule to get ready for overnight work. So I am stablizing my sleep patterns as a support to avoid this bi-polar behaviour/condition.

Posted by petert at April 8, 2006 12:51 AM


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