April 08, 2006

Power out here stopped me from posting.

The local electrical power went out Thursday evening. It was just our immediate neighbourhood. But I could not post on Thursday evening. Then on Friday I was so busy going around town I did not post until now Saturday morning. I had a union meeting on Friday then needed to do some shopping. I also needed to sign contracts for the drop-in/self help group workers for another year. I am the president of the drop-in so I am the one who has to sign the employment contracts.

Then last night C, J, and R came over and we watched a film. I managed to watch the whole film without a lot of discomfort. But because it was a heroic sword fighting drama I was slightly, delusionally, a sword fighter in my mumbbles but that has now gone away. The only parts I missed were because of cleaning up the kitchen and making a pizza for my guests. But it is nice to watch a film from time to time. I bought three new films last night. Also this past week, I watched another StarGate episode and made a web page review of it.

So this past week I have made web pages. I am waiting for a year end web master pay cheque and also waiting to hear about a web master job application. But I do not have a lot of undone web mastering work over my head right now.

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