May 30, 2006

I got the lumber today for the balcony.

We all need help. I don't own a car. So I was not able to pick up lumber on my own today. Instead I asked a friend to drive me to the lumber store and help me carry my wood home in his mini van. I ended up with 16 boards each 2" X 2" X 8'. These will be used to build the structure. I also got new 90 degree corner braces to fit the wood together. I also got some screws to screw the braces to the wood. We looked at metal screen mesh like on a screen door and we also looked at garden fencing. This was too expensive and it was in the wrong sizes. We also briefly looked at mesquito netting for Gazebos but this was just nylon so would not last through the winter. Instead the original plastic garden trellis is what I will use. I need to buy four more sheets of this. I now need a miter box to cut the wood but I am also most finished shopping for this project and can get started building it soon.

I am a former stage carpenter and I always seem to find people who have also been stage hands. In fact, my friends relative was a master carpenter at a local major theatre. So I had some male oriented shopping. I should note that one of our newest union members was working as a carpenter and she is a women. I should also note that in Somalia the women have traditionally done the house building. At least according to a Somali coworker I worked with a four and a half years ago.

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