June 09, 2006

Nice day on campus yesterday.

I took my new laptop to school yesterday. I installed SAS on the Macbook on the windows side of the computer while sitting in the library. While doing this I chatted with G who works as a tutor in the centre for students with disablities. We were both having a coffeee at the library. His mother had schizophrenia. His student was studying schizophrenia in a psychology course. The SAS installed and I then went to see one of the professor's who is a mentor for my studies. She basically said I had a low mark in the winter term because I had not done enough proofs even though she knows, she said, that I can do these proofs. She has recommend me for studies in systems science at the other university across town. So this application should be complete now. I also checked in with the administrator for the legal studies degree and he said I would not have a decision about admissions to this program until August. I told him this was rather unfair. I also dropped by the union office and did some union business. So I had a very relaxed day at school yesterday after staying up late Wednesday and not sleeping until 4:00 PM Thursday. I am now up early Friday morning.

Posted by petert at June 9, 2006 04:22 AM


I happened upon your website when I Googled "sas on a macbook." I realize that your blog has a different goal- but I was wondering if you can tell me if the SAS program runs well on your Macbook (not a Macbook Pro, right?) Thanks!

Posted by: Sally at August 12, 2006 02:40 PM

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