June 10, 2006

We are visiting relatives in another city.

We are just at my father's house visiting. We are taking the train home tomorrow. I am then on Monday attending a meeting in Montreal concerning the Canadian Internet Registry. This AGM is about three hours long. I will take the train to Montreal in the morning and then return on the afternoon train. I will then do some green party volunteering in the evening. I graduate on Tuesday at school. I will meet the astronaut Marc Garneau and shake his hand on Tuesday. Marc Garneau is our school Chancellor. My wife is just sleeping now and asking me about the hockey game score. My dad has a TV where I can pause the TV. But it can only record for 60 minutes so I need to go watch the game because I have recorded about 45 minutes of it so far.

I actually went downstairs and watched the game end and Edmonton win before coming back up to the guest bedroom and editing and proof reading this entry. Now except for smoking breaks I will be in the guest room working on the computer this evening and then sleep here on the third floor of my father's partner's house. I cut their grass early this evening.

Posted by petert at June 10, 2006 11:00 PM


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