June 20, 2006

I spent one hour showing my friend how to use the Powerbook.

I took the powerbook to my friend's apartment. I then showed him how to use it. I also installed his laser printer and got it working with Microsoft office. He paid me 50$ for the first payment on this laptop. He will also pay me 50$ at the end of the month. R will also pay me 50$ at the end of the month for the IBM intellistation.

With the 50$ I bought us zuccini and my partner made zuccini, rice and tofu for supper. I also bought my partner the movie Love Story which she had ordered from a video store. I also bought an angle grinder on sale for 15$. I read the safety manual and put it away now. I also bought other food and a coffee at the mall. I am now home geting ready to mark statistics home work. I am marking histograms and stem and leaf plots. I am working tomorrow for one hour in the evening and also have a work related health and safety meeting in the morning.

Posted by petert at June 20, 2006 07:59 PM


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