June 22, 2006

My mom is staying over night with us.

We did a lot of cleaning today. We have a clean front closet. I also was able to clean some of the cupboards with a special new cleaning sponge. I won't write the brand name here. It worked at getting nicotine off the cupboards but cost a lot to buy.

I am just enjoying my mom's company and chit chating about government jobs and the government job search web site. I go for my government statistics job interview tomorrow. I asked my mom and dad for advice about this job because it is full time and I won't be able to continue into grad school if I am working at this job. My mom and dad reminded me I don't have the job yet. My mom suggested I take the job if it is offered and decide on school in September. My dad said to focus on the immediate situation in other words tomorrow's interview. This is a good piece of advice. I need to prepapre some clothes and shave for tomorrow morning.

Posted by petert at June 22, 2006 09:45 PM


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