June 27, 2006

The ACT team visited and the carpentry is happening.

We have made 8 cuts now. We have 8 more cuts to make and we are done with the circular saw and cutting wood. We are on an extended break. I have to mark the remaining 8 cuts before we cut again. The next step will be pilot holing the screws for the hardware to hold the 1.5" square boards together. I have a detailed plan for how we put it together. This means how we will maneuver the wood onto the balcony and put it together. I am hoping to be done today. I did use all the safety equipment. I learned that the wood was getting caught on the saw's frame, which caused me a bit of a problem, but once I figured out that that was happening things went smoothly. We are taking lots of breaks and took one when my partner's ACT team worker dropped by. We chatted a bit. My partner is working to clean the cupboards. R and my partner will have some beer later and we will all eat pizza.

Posted by petert at June 27, 2006 02:55 PM


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