June 27, 2006

We did cut all the wood and got some of it together but it is not done.

We did make all the cuts. We then tried to maneuver the wood on the balcony but the plan for maneuvering did not work. So I needed to reach up high to put some pieces together. This strained R's arm strength as he held the wood while I used the screwdriver, The powered screwdrivers helped a little but really failed to have the power to do the job. Also I got ahead of the pieces I had pilot holed so some screws went in on an angle. Also I used the wrong sized square driver at first and this was also a mistake.

We got about a third of it together and then we relaxed. I made supper and we did not order pizza. I cleaned up pigeon dung but still need to clean up a bit more. While it was safer to work in the wet pigeon dung it was messy on our boots. I cleaned both of our boots. But I changed boots to my old black army style boot out of my safety boots, so still need to clean the army boots. I also need to clean up around the balcony door but there is newspaper containing the dung there. I need to do this tonight before sleeping. I am now relaxing alone and organizing the budget and scheduling and blogging of course. Then I will do some marking for statistics and then sleep. I also am managing to do an on call volunteer shift and did a little managing of volunteers by phone today and this evening.

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