June 28, 2006

I am done cleaning for Tuesday now and it is Wednesday morning 4:30 AM.

I just took 6 mg risperadol, 1 gram niacin and 1 gram vitamin C. I am sipping a coffee and drinking ice water. I spent the last two or three hours cleaning. I threw out two bags of trash. I also did one bag of shredding. I cleared and swept the living room floors. I also filled up rhe recycling bins which my partner will empty today. I almost met the requirements my mother had set for her to come and clean again today. She will be here around noon today. I am heading off to sleep in an hour or so. I cleaned the other pair of boots and then bleached the bottoms of both boots and the tub where I do this pigeon dung washing.

I really should have cleaned the pigeon dung up off the balcony first before buidling out there. R offered to come over again today to help build. We have the two sides of the structure together. Now we must extend the sides slightly because the sides could only be 8 feet long boards and the balcony is about ten feet long. Then we must join both sides from the front of the balcony to the wall of the building. I am building a box frame around the balcony. So these are the next steps. Then finally the plastic netting will be stapled on and then the dung will be cleaned up.

There are some old furniture pieces on the balcony including a mosaic table build by my grandfather that must be trashed. There are two folding metal mesh chairs and some old garbage picked table. These will all be lost.

The air in the apartment is being filtered and cooled right now but there is an oder of pigeon dung about.

Posted by petert at June 28, 2006 04:25 AM


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