June 28, 2006

I did not get the job as an exective director of the self help network.

I found out yesterday that I have not been hired to be the executive director of the self help network where I am presently the web master. I asked them why I was not chosen and they stated that another candidate had more regional experience which may be true as my experience although multigrouped as a board member volunteer is only with groups in the largest city in this regional network. They did say they were very impressed by my presentation and interview.

So what conclusions should I draw from this? Should I continue to look for work directing a non-profit and find a group where I have a better fit? Should I react with a sour mood and decide that I should not really seek work in the consumer survivor movement? Or should I, as I think is right, assume that my excellent performance on this application means that I can apply myself to a job search successfully and I should really keep looking for a job at a middle class salary because this is something I am capable to doing for work? Or am I, just an expert at human resources and the hiring process? That was meant as a joke, that last rhetorical question, because only my ward/rehab team, nurse in 1990 would have supported that conclusion.

Posted by petert at June 28, 2006 04:57 AM


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