July 09, 2006

We ate some oven made frozen pizza tonight.

I made some frozen pizza just now. I am about to take my second dose of vitamins for the day. I am still doing marking but slowed down for the past two hours. I need to pick the pace up a bit. I wasted about an hour shopping on ebay but bought nothing. I was interested in a Palm pilot that comes with medical software already to use on an Secure Digital (SD) card. But I don't really need this. It might be nice though to have a Palm Tungsten C for wireless access around town to the Internet. Right now my Tungsten W is very expensive for wireless Internet access to the Internet so I don't use it for that except limited email access.

I need to a little corner store shopping then continue to mark and can stay up until about 6:00 AM tomorrow morning. I should leave for school at about 3:00 PM and get there by 4:00 PM and then to our self help group by 4:30 PM for our AGM at 5:00 PM.

I did not watch the world cup but do know that Italy won first place, Yahoo for Italy!

Posted by petert at July 9, 2006 06:33 PM


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