July 10, 2006

My marking is done Harra!

Bare with me if your not aware of what goes on at a university. Maybe skip to another posted entry.

I got it done.

Maybe one week late, but actually it took two weeks which is normal for marking. Also it was a very big marking assignment. Close to 100 tests. It was not as long, or as difficult to mark in terms of the length of questions, as other work I do, or might do this summer. But now that I chose to take this on midway through the term, I have less marking to do for this course remaining in my work load. This is because there are other teaching assistants who will mark the next test and the last assignment. In fact, I now must only mark 1 more assignment for 30 or so students later this month and I am done. So no drawn out end of term marking in August in this course.

The tests are ready to go back to the boss now. The marks are all recorded and I am just going to enter the marks without identfiers into a SAS program as I sometimes do and analyse the class performance. I think I will take a shower and shave and then take the bus and train to school and hand these tests in to the boss.

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