July 15, 2006

I am doing a little web mastering overnight

I uploaded a meeting schedule to the self help network web site. I need to test the upload and the new layout changes. Then correct the French pages. Then I am done this work for today. I will then need to write up an invoice and email that to the coordinator of this self help network.

In other work, I am getting started another marking project. My boss has contacted me and asked for this to be done by Wednesday. I spent last night/Friday morning, preparing a marking scheme based on the winter course.

In other work related news, I am volunteering this weekend but this is coming along smoothly. In my main job I have work scheduled for Friday this week and then the next weekend after that. On Friday, I am only working a half day or six hours, but it will be very busy and stressful. The last time I worked a Friday it was very stressful. Then two weeks from now I have 24 hours of two overnight shifts. But these are my usual type of shifts when I do my best work, so they should be fine.

I just took my second dose of vitamins for the day but ended up with a sore stomach. I ate some fruit and drank some pop and my stomach is now settled down a bit.

Posted by petert at July 15, 2006 03:50 AM


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