July 15, 2006

The pigeon problem and what's left to do.

I still need to add a few more boards to the pigeons proofing structure. In doing this boards at heights over my head will need to be screwed together. Then finally I can hang the netting over the top. Yesterday morning a couple of pigeons got inside the structure.

Before I do much more carpentry though I will this weekend shovel one large green garbage bag of the droppings up and put it in the building dumpster. So that is my main scheduled cleaning task this weekend.

In other cleaning, I spent about 20 minutes this morning cleaning up four of my office bookshelves. I put the ten new magazine boxes into two shelves. I also stacked and organized some books along the shelf in a better fashion. I have a math textbook shelf, a math general reader shelf, a social science and politics shelf, and I now have a magazine box shelf. Generally this 2% of the office looks neater now. And this 2% of the office is better organized for finding books and magazines. I used some of the magazine boxes to store non-profit, union and school documents which makes it also easier to find these documents later. I have one box for self help and disAbility papers, reports, and zines/newsletters.

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