August 07, 2006

Life is not all work and study.

I really enjoy writing well on blogs. I lke writing here and hope you find something in this blog. On this blog I hope you find not something about me but something about schizophrenia that you can use for helping yourself or someone you know or love with schizophrenia. Quite a few people with schizophrenia I write to on the internet like to read me, because I give them hope that they too can work or continue in school. I am not also supporting successful relationships but I am living with someone and do have many social relationships so I hope I can give you hope at least to overcome basic social withdrawal.

But my life is not all writing blogs and studying and making money. In fact, last night in buying those Fisher Price toys for my role playing game hobby, I explored my childhood and it felt good to have a childhood and a past that others share(d). Also I enjoyed this morning watching the pilot episode of MacGyver. And on Saturday night, although I did not like to watch all the suspense and battle scenes, I did enjoy the ending of the Lord of the Rings movie and ended up crying quietly at the tear jerker ending of that film.

I think that last paragraph is about my emotional recovery from negative symptoms. Life is about the fresh cup of coffee I just made and sipped.

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