August 07, 2006

I am drivng myself psychotic with these hours.

Yes, I am still reading Gwen Howe's book. I am also realising that both other times I was hospitalized part of the problem was lack of regular rest. I did spend the last five days of the work week sleeping regularly but this weekend I have been awake only 2 long days instead of the three days plus the Friday the weekend was. I think I am spending too much time planning my sleep and allowing myself too much leeway in this sleep management. I am always going to sleep extremely tired and mentally excited. I need to practice more regular sleeping anyways for my new job. May be I can have normal weekends too. I am just too used to being up all night on my own. I don't want to be forced to make this sleep change I want to choose it for myself. But may be this is all the result of reading this book. I am going to take my meds and get to sleep in the next half hour. If I wake up too early for work tomorrow so be it, I need rest now and can nap in the mid morning if I wake up too early.

Posted by petert at August 7, 2006 03:10 PM


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