August 08, 2006

Ready for work and getting the home looked after now.

Well now I am clean shaven and have just about done everything to prepare for work today. I still have about five hours until work. So now I can look after the apartment a bit. I need to take the garbage out. I also need to get some money for my partner to spend. She needs to make a trip today to the hospital to get her clozapine and have her blood test. She likes to buy lunch and she will buy herself some beer for later today. We know she shouldn't drink beer with her meds but she is an adult and she chooses to do this. Only her clozapine comes from the hospital. I also so far this morning have phoned our pharmacist and left a message asking them to deliver my partners other medications today, tomorrow or Thursday. I also need to empty the water pail from the air conditioner before I go to work today.

Posted by petert at August 8, 2006 07:25 AM


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