August 14, 2006

Three weekends of volunteering to do. One weekend done.

By volunteering we interact with people and practice being in the real world. I managed to volunteer this past weekend. This coming weekend I will work on music stages volunteering. Then next weekend after that I volunteer at a political convention. Then the following two weekends I have off all volunteering unless some is scheduled in. We will be visiting family on the labour day weekend. But on labour day itself we intend to go to the labour day parade and take part in the picnic. Then the following weekend school will have started and I have a conference to attend that first full week of September. My mother is coming to help us clean that second weekend in September. I am also working every week until then and every week afterwards. Also the first full week of September I must attend the orientation sessions for graduate school at my new university. In fact, I must register and pay for courses next week starting August 21st.

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