August 14, 2006

I went out shopping yesterday.

I was looking at miniatures for role playing on the web. I was thinking of buying some terrain pieces or little village pieces for role playing. I looked at some descriptions of sets people had built and thought of buying a tool for building these sorts of things myself. Then checking the hardware sales on the hardware chain store's website noticed a rotary tool with accessories was on sale at 1/3 the full price so went out and bought one of these tools. I also bought some low energy light bulbs and a new goose neck lamp. I came home and slept early last night and am now up early in the morning ready to do some more marking.

We are running low on food supplies right now. I will do some more shopping for food mid week. We have enough food for a few more days anyways.

My wife and I decided we did not need a big screen TV. Instead we may get just a high definition TV of mid size or I may instead buy a data projector that we can use sometimes to watch high definition TV.

Posted by petert at August 14, 2006 05:21 AM


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