September 04, 2006

I took back about ten books tonight to my old school library. Frosh activities were happening on campus this evening.

I took back books to the university library at the school I have quit after exactly 10 years of part-time study. I earned two undergraduate degrees in this time. I took back books I was reading on simulation, in terms of object oriented programming and in terms of statistics. I took back two early 1990 books on schizophrenia which I cited earlier on this blog may be a month ago or more. One concerned language and schizophrenia and the other was meant to explain schizophrenia as very disabling and difficult for families. I took back a book on social informatics. I kept a book on Linux and also on Social Navigation of Information Space and read an article from this book on the way home on the train from school.

I chatted with three new students. Two were smoking in the smoking area and they asked about me and my studies. They are studying information technology. Another student was just catching the train and held the door open for me to get on just befoe the train left. He liked my tactical vest and asked where he could buy one. He was also a frosh and he was studying humanities.

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