September 04, 2006

I stuffed some paper into a large green garbage bag and gave it to my mom.

I stuffed a whole lot of paper that was on my office floor into a green garbage bag and gave it to my mom to sort. Most of it looked like stuff I had printed, and some of it was newspapers, and some was old math tests and statistics tables from my teaching assistant work. The only papers that are confidential in that old job is the print outs of the students marks that I would do in that work to have a hard copy back up. I can now basically shred all those grades.

I need to file away the papers that we sorted yesterday and I brought back to our apartment. I am also thinking of moving this desktop computer, I am typing this on, out of the living room into the office. I now have laptop computers I can bring out to the living room if needed.

Posted by petert at September 4, 2006 09:44 PM


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