September 17, 2006

I just washed my wife's hair.

We are having another lazy day at home. My wife is watching TV and not drinking. I just washed her hair.

I have been surfing the Ikea store for office furniture choices. I also surfed the future shop web site looking at TV's which are on sale this week. This means I might buy a high definition TV this week. I also did some school work just now. I also called about 4 other people on disAbility support to see if they wanted to take our Ikea armchair as we want to get rid of it. In the process I invited C, J and R over to socialize tonight.

I have one more school work problem to complete now. I will do this today. I will also surf some of the hardware store web site today and look at this week's on sale tools. Last week I got some Makita drill bits and an extra circular saw blade.

I talked with my brother who is moving his family into a new house. I talked with my mom and dad yesterday.

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