September 18, 2006

My statistics school work is done, but I will miss my French class today.

I did manage to complete my statistcs school work by solving the last problem this morning. It took a long time because I was lost on a few off chutes. I finally solved the last problem to my own statisfaction. I did more work than needed but this allowed me to make sure my solution was correct. At least I hope it is correct. I will proof read it later today when I get off work. I will rest before proof reading it the final time. I will hand it in on Tuesday two days early.

But this has meant that I have stayed up late into the morning and now will need to sleep through the time that I would have gone to French class. I can not wake up for French because my mind is fairly active still and I would only have four hours sleep and then need to work after French class. I need to be reasonablly well rested for work today. This will be my first missing hours at work my missing my French class today. I took my risperadol at 1 am but just now took an extra 3 mg on top of the 6 mg I took at 1 AM.

Posted by petert at September 18, 2006 06:22 AM


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