October 07, 2006

I am not just up to study tonight.

I did go to the electronic store on Monday and get further in debit and bought an LCD high definition TV. I asked them if they could deliver it by Thanksgiving and they seem to have managed this with the delivery scheduled for this morning between 8:00 AM and 1:00 PM. This is something else I am up for this morning. I have all these other stereo and video equipments ready to go and all the cabling etc all ready to install the TV. I will have two DVD players. One has a VCR as well for recording video and playing our VCR tapes which includes all the tapes from my second year courses in legal studies that I studied in 2001-2005. That was three full year courses and one final half credit third year courses all on tape. In some of these tapes I am in the audience. The other DVD player is new and will upconvert DVD's into high definition viewing format. I also have a high definition cable box that will give us 15 channels of high definition TV. This new TV will also allow a computer VGA connection. It is a big screen TV but at that it is a modest big screen by today's standards at 32 inches widescreen. It should be here and I should have it set up in the next nine hours. I am fairly excited about this all. I did manage to get some pay and pay off the debit for the new DVD player already. I have one year to pay for the TV without interest being charged.

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