October 07, 2006

Studies went well today.

I have been starting my weekly school work later and later in the week. But the last three weekends I started the school work on Friday nights working over night into Saturday. I did this again this weekend. I usually have nine or so problems to solve and typeset. I have my fourth assignment to do this weekend and then the fifth is two weeks away as we have a break in assigments for a mid term test. So this fourth assignment I started working on today is the last in a while. I haven't actually yet solved a problem today. I did read how to solve three problems and read the problems and know I can solve them. I am also starting to study for the mid term and need to spend time with my agenda book planning my study times this week.

I read a section of the textbook today carefully and will read more sections carefully now before the mid term. This section I read today is also the basics that will be covered at a more advanced level in a graduate level course I will take next term.

I am also reading book and journal articles today to move the whole school learning process along not just the scoring of high marks but also the learning new topics. I am taking this initative to learn more in graduate school because this is what is expected of me at this level of studies.

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