October 15, 2006

We are getting the newspaper everyday now. And it is quickly being recycled.

Getting the newspaper every day is some kind of promotion. We were getting it only on weekends to get the TV guide. Now we are getting it free everyday and only pay the weekend price. Some of my spending on electonics and tools comes from Friday's paper, when these stores send their flyers every week with the paper.

I cleaned up my new tools today. I put all the hand tools into two tools boxes. So that cabinet in the kitchen I have used for tools got cleaned up today.

The newspaper has been read the past two days and mostly recycled now. I also watched the TV news all night and the weather channel. I just read the arts and books section of the paper and am slightly inspired to be more of a writer based on an article about independent book stores.

I also did a little more planning on the office furniture and thought of buying some furniture today but won't. The latest items I have bought were lights for the living room.

I need to finish the wood supports for the balcony structure and also take the AC out of the window. I also need to buy new filters for the air cleaner. I also need to put up the door way weather stripping to keep the smoke in our apartment and out of the hallway. I also bought some plastic for the windows to help weather proof those and that needs applying.

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