October 15, 2006

Electronics shopping again today.

I am getting ready to go to the library at my old university and pay a fine. I will then go out to an electronics store. I managed to not spend 700$ today on a wearable computer. I did spend some time though at ebay researching microscopes for sale. I always wanted to be an environmental scientist doing water quality studies. I also browsed on the web audio systems at the electronics store. Audio systems were the first things I was into buying in terms of electronics. I have not always been into this stuff but when I was very sick I did not maintain this interest. So now I am maintaining it again. I am buying new portable phones today as our old portable phones are breaking down. I will then give away the old phones. They are pretty grimy. I have a discount couppn for the electronics store where I will buy the phones. I am going to a different store in another part of the city. This part used to be its own city. In this part of town there are the offices and factories of the big global high tech companies. It is one of the global silicon valleys in that part of town. So I am doing something different this weekend if only to change which of the four stores I can choose from to shop at. I have only ever used the one of the four and today I will use a different store. I will go to the school library first and then make my way to the store. If I plan it right I can pay my fine and return one book and get the bus to the store all for two bus tickets. I can then pay another two tickets to get home. I might in fact buy more than just portable phones but ave not decided yet. I have to be home by 3:00 PM so that T who also has schizophrenia can pick up the old television.

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