October 24, 2006

Sore stomach again.

I did it again. I was not watching my health. I came home from work and started to test my new microscope and Palm. I drank two cans of diet pop and took my vitamins and in about an hour and a half had a sore stomach. I quickly ate a cheese sandwhich which always helps this situation. This is also a low energy state like diabeties and I have experienced this since I have had schizophrenia any time I lack food. It was also very bad when I was taking meds for the first year like this but that year I also took an anti-depressant. I am very used to this now and would say this is the burning out of schizophrenia where I have learned coping techniques to deal with difficulties. In the past also when poor I did not always have food in the house to avoid this low energy state. I am fine now. I will use my recent knowledge of diabeties to get smart and also eat two ripe pears. This should be a high quality sugar to restore my energy. I will then come back to the computer and post some details about my new microscope and Palm Treo.

Posted by petert at October 24, 2006 01:08 AM


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