October 24, 2006

New used microscope works but not sure.

The new microscope is a researcher's microscope. It sure looks nice. There is a little paint that has come off it around the stage. I have spent about ten minutes now trying to resolve a prepared slide without success. That is all I will do today. I will now just put the slides away.

My new Palm treo is giving me more success. I paid about a third of the new price on this used palm. It appears in great shape and I activated with the phone company. I called the technical support at the phone company and the support person on the phone helped me connect to the internet. I need a data cable to hotsync the palm and need to be able to do this regularly. I can also transfer my old Palm Tungsten W data to the new cell phone palm. But first I must buy a hotsync cable. I might have time tomorrow to buy this after I attend class and get the union business done. This means I need to sleep soon and wake up at 8:00 AM. I need to be up by 8:00 am for school but actually shopping for the palm hotsync cable can wait until Wednesday or Thursday or even next weekend. Really all that I am pressured to do tomorrow is the union business which I could do at 12:00 PM and get home by 1:00 PM.

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