October 25, 2006

I messed up a bit yesterday.

Yesterday, I did not in fact sleep until about 6:00 AM and woke up at 11:00 AM. I did not work my best yesterday but in a way I also set a new production record for myself. Today is another day at work.

I did not get the union business done but did follow up on it. I should have it done by Thursday.

I also missed class and my grades are starting to slip a bit. Not really bad but down to B from A now. I should make some good use of this slight relaxed time to study harder.

I also did get much further along with my new Treo and yesterday closed one cell phone account and closed two cell phones by adding the voice cell phone to the Treo and closing the Tungsten W cell account. I will give the Tungsten W to my father-in-law now. So now I have only two cell phones and my wife has one. The total cost per month for cell phones is about 100$ now. I spent over an hour on managing the new Treo yesterday.

I have gottten no further along with the microscope. I have not read the newspaper in a few days. I am not really following the US election but am following our city elections here in Canada. I know someone running for Mayor and she is also disAbled. I donated my iBook clamshell restoration project to her campaign.

Today I only need to work. I followed up on my weekend volunteeeing yesterday and don't volunteer again until Saturday. I also reported my income to the government income supprt office. So that chore is done too. I was planning yesterday on staying up long hours in fact 36 hours but in the end did sleep in the morning. I will also sleep this morning. This staying up late gave me time to study systems theory ethics and also sociology theory. I also used the time to complete income verification stuff and am almost ready to report income to our landlord. I am feeling good and will sleep in a couple of hours.

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