November 23, 2006

I watched scenes of a martial arts movie while I did schoolwork.

I did some school work this morning. I managed to watch some of a movie while I did this. I must say movies are better quality viewing than the weather network and news programs I usually watch. I also read on my new palm some of a cyberpunk book. Today is the day I give the old palm to my father-in-law. I also spent a little time with my pen and ink journal and feel much better now. I had a bit of a stomach bug yesterday. I think it resulted from our trip and my long awake day last Staurday Sunday combined with staying up late on Tuesday night.

I have one problem left to solve in my school work and hope to have it done by 6:00 am. I sometimes think this math problem solving is a waste of my time. But with only one problem to go in this week's school work and only one more week of school work to go I am happy to be completing what may amount to my last undergraduate course. And my grades in this course are still fine. I hope to do excellent on the exam. Then I can begin graduate school courses in January.

Posted by petert at November 23, 2006 04:41 AM


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