December 02, 2006

C and J watched a film at J's place and only R came over tonight.

R came over tonight. I had told them I would run a cyberpunk game tonight. In fact, only R came over so I got out the cyberpunk role playing books and reviewed what adventures we had already played and stacked them neatly back on the shelf. I showed R the books and new miniatures I had bought on ebay. He brought over an extra set of dice that his mother had found in a barn. He donated them to the game and also donated 2$ for game supplies.

We watched the pilot episode of Stargate SG-1 and I loaned him the first season on DVD to watch on his own. He also borrowed an old western film to watch with his neighbour in their social housing project. His neighbour is being good to him shown by the new pair of good walking winter shoes he has that his neighbour helped him get. I was thinking of getting some good trail shoes myself today at a local camping coop where I shop but I may go there tomorrow.

We also ordered some take out food. I am now staying up over night studying for my school exam. I should also study a little for my work exam coming up soon.

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