December 04, 2006

I went into work on the weekend and decorated my cubicle a little for Christmas.

I went into work for about half an hour on the weekend. I brought my diploma and some Christmas decorations and put them up in my cubicle. I also put up some posters with work related jokes that I made myself on my computer and printer. I actually copied them from some posters I saw at an internet poster and t shirt store. So I cheated with those. I also put a Budda sculpture on my desk inside my cubicle.

I hope to work two hours early today, so I can come in late Thursday after my exam. I would also like to leave work two hours early tonight so I can sleep early and make sure I wake up for tomorrow's exam preparation lecture. My exam is this Thursday morning at school. I need to study for the exam today. I did some reading so far this morning and some political thinking. I need to read about 50 pages today and practice some problems. I should have about 5 hours this morning to still study within.

At work I also did some studying for my work exam. I read more about procedures our office uses in its work.

Posted by petert at December 4, 2006 05:55 AM


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