December 04, 2006

My partner made sheppards pie and I got stuff from the drug store this morning.

I went out to the pharmacy this morning and bought vitamins. Chewable vitamin C was on sale. We buy Jamison brand. I also bought niacin. They have new flavours of the C as well including grapefruit. There was a grapefruit juice interaction with meds scare a few years ago. The hospitals sent out information about that.

I also bought coffee which was on sale, and pop, also on sale, and toilet paper, again on sale. I also bought 16 christmas cards for coworkers to sign today. My idea is that everyone on the evening shift will sign 16 cards then we can give each worker one card with everyone having signed it with holiday wishes.

I got home and my partner had started cooking. I bought the remaining ingredients we needed yesterday after buying some new work pants and underwear. Then she gave the remaining instructions to me and she went out to buy beer and milk, more pop, and creamer for coffee. While she was out I finished the sheppards pie and put it in the oven. I then swept the kitchen floor.

I just finished a bowl of the pie which is vegetarian, of course. I now must bag my dirty laundry and get off to work. I am working two hours early today so I can leave two hours early tonight. I just got off the phone with my boss who gave me the ok for my change of work hours today. I also studied a little this morning. Well this will be last post until I get home from work tonight.

Posted by petert at December 4, 2006 11:21 AM


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