December 10, 2006

I am may be trading in my acoustic bass today. Hopefully for a small guitar amp.

I used to play my acoustic bass with a young women in a duo and we played some original tunes and a few covers. We played at a self group Christmas party and also a university bar. This was in the early days of the internet as I remember and I did not have graphic web access then. After one gig we went back to someone's place and they had graphic web access with netscape and that was the first time I saw the graphic web.

Today I am bringing my old acoustic bass on the bus to the music store to see if they will accept a trade in for a small guitar amplifier head. It is an 80 watt into 4 ohm amplifier head. I might build my own speaker cabinet for it. If I spend almost all my available cash and the store give me the credit for the bass that they said they might I can buy the amplifier and bring it home today.

I can close that past event in my life buy getting rid of this acoustic bass. I will then go to the Supreme court to protest for women's rights with amp in hand. The United Nations Convention on women's rights is 25 years old now.

I am just checking the bus schedule to get to the music store and take my bass past the school in one symbolic last presence of the bass on campus.

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