December 11, 2006

I felt terrible after the store manger said he was not interested in my bass.

Somehow I am not mad. If I were mad I would feel really terrible that the store that buys used instruments did not want to buy my bass and I would have continued to feel bad. But I am bouncing back from that already. I did put some money down on the guitar amplifier. I will now make my next woodworking project that making of a speaker cabinet for the amplifier. The store sells speakers. I now just need to find some plans for a cabinet. I am sure there are some plans on the internet and I am sure there are many consumer survivors who I will be able to talk to about plans for building a cabinet. The cabinet will have two 12 inch 80 watt speakers and they will be wired in parallel for a 4 ohm 80 watt cabinet. There is also a local cabinet maker I could pay to build what I want. The amp is covered in a green fabric and I could cover the cabinet in a green fabric too. I should have paid for the amplifier in three pay days or 4 weeks. This Wednesday is a pay day.

Posted by petert at December 11, 2006 11:21 AM


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