December 17, 2006

Does 129$ spent on a printer justify two sided printing?

I did my usual weekend shopping. This time I bought my wife a favorite video collection and myself a printer that prints on both sides of the page also known as duplex printing. This money spent is justified as saving me much time and frustration with past double sided printing. I used to have print odd and even pages and manuallly reload the pages. This always caused errors and then reprinting would need to be done. This meant it took more time and used more paper in the end. The new printer also helps me save paper by double sided printing with ease and this thus stops climate change a little. I am just now printing this blog's entries for November as a hard copy back up. This printing of some 24 pages on 12 pages of paper was done before I did my first preview of this entry and I started printing just as I began typing this entry.

Posted by petert at December 17, 2006 04:06 AM


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